Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Raise your hand if you are ready for (real) SPRING!

Are we all ready to go for spring semester activities, folks?

Sigh...I hope I am not the only one who ISN'T!

How does one get motivated for "spring" semester, when the scene outside the window is anything but spring-like?  (What was that? The Bahamas you say?  EXCELLENT!)

The weather outside is gray, DANK, and damp.

I just want to hole up with my family and hibernate!


Co-op begins this week.  Scouts started last week.

Yesterday was SO unimpressive.  Serious wall to wall fog, rain, gray clouds and dampness.  Venturing outside was the LAST thing I wanted to do!  I did, (reluctantly) for dental appointments and other things, the whole while longing for a hot cup of tea, the sofa, our nooks, and a comforter. (A fireplace would complete the picture...unfortunately our current place doesn't have one!)

We have been making homemade, healthy, hot soups (Southwestern black bean most recently), and a big pan of  baked oatmeal (which freezes in squares placed in Ziploc bags beautifully), to try to chase away the chill...

But personally, I am so ready for the ULTIMATE chill chaser!


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  1. we got our first gal snow, they sledded all day now we are ready for spring!


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