Thursday, May 31, 2012


I have been TRYING to write a homeschooling blog post today.


But every time I try, my mind wanders...

Back to that awful day 9 years ago.


It was nine years ago...holding my Father's the wee hours of the morning, at the hospital.

I was keeping vigil.  With my younger brother.

Just dozing off, with one of us on either side of his hospital bed.

When my brother said loudly, "WHAT WAS THAT???"

And I startled upright, to find our Dad in agonal breathing.

We had all known, it wouldn't be very long. 
It had been a LONG week of getting our hopes up, and having them dashed.
The stroke had just been too devastating.
He had rallied, long enough to say goodbye to each of us.
But the doctors had called a "realistic family meeting"
And we knew...

I made a quick phone call to one of my older brothers, at home with Mom.

Then returned my attention to Dad.

I remember kissing his hands.  Telling him I loved him for the millionth time.  Thanking him for everything. Wishing him to "Walk with God."

And then he was gone.

And our whole world changed forever.

When the clan left the hospital that day.. it was overcast and gloomy.

Matching our mood.

That afternoon the heavens opened up, and it poured for several days straight.

After the funeral home appointment the next day the weather turned HORRENDOUS.  It was a deluge! For days...

I came home late from my parents house that night with my younger brother and nephew (and his wife to be).

It was 12 AM. My brother killed his engine in my driveway, and we all just SAT in silence in the car ...SO depressed, the rain hammering down around us.

That's when my brother turned to me, and whispered... "KIM HAS A BRAND NEW TRAMPOLINE IN HER BACKYARD!!!"

I did in fact!  While my Dad lay in his hospital bed, I kept telling him he needed to wake up and tell me what an idiot I was, and how I must just LOVE the emergency room. (But he would have secretly gotten a kick out of it)

It was untouched and kids hadn't even been on it yet.

So, at MIDNIGHT, in the POURING RAIN, the day after my father died... my brother, nephew, and his fiancee tore across the backyard, and hit that brand new 15 ft trampoline (complete with safety enclosure, and ENORMOUS florescent green bouncy balls).

There were SHEETS of water erupting off of everyone!

People bouncing off of the trampoline, the enclosure, the big green yoga balls, and each other!

 Oh, the screams!  The laughter!

(Oh, the apologies I made to my neighbors the next day!)

They came off of that trampoline looking like different people! (People in desperate need of towels!)

And everyone agreed, DAD WOULD HAVE LOVED THIS!  He would have been laughing, and telling them they were INSANE, (His exact words-I believe- would have been..."I think you guys have a screw loose") but he would have been laughing!

Nine years much has changed!  My younger brother is married now.  Dad would just LOVE his wife (She's a pistol!)  He would be so thrilled with the new baby granddaughter too (bringing the total grandchildren to far).

Several of the grandchildren have gotten married in that time (one just last weekend),  and one has given my Mom the joy of holding her first GREAT grandson. 

Dad would be so proud!

Such a legacy.

Still miss you Dad.  Still love you.

Always will.


  1. My dad's funeral was just last week. I know that I will always miss him. It sounds like your father was a wonderful man, just like mine.

  2. Patricia, I am TRULY sorry for your loss.


  3. Hi Toby! ALWAYS nice to see you around the ZOO!

    And thank you! Just what was on my mind today...


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