Monday, May 21, 2012

Silver? Nah, we're GOLD...


This week, the hubs and I will celebrate our 25th wedding Anniversary.

On one hand, I find that hard to believe.  I can't be that old!

On the other, I really cannot imagine NOT being married to this wonderful man!  The time before we were married seems like a different lifetime.

We have been together now longer than either of us were single.

I was a whopping 20 when we married.  Him...a ripe old 23. (#1 son's age this year)

The thing now, according to the world, we are supposed to be sick of each other.


I'm still hooked.

Never could I have imagined how remarkable the man was that God was giving me to, and to me, those many years ago...

Though my parents had an inkling, apparently...

I'll never forget the night he went to my Mom, as she washed the dinner dishes... (A nervous me standing in the background) and asked her "The best way to approach Dad about Kim and me getting married...", Watching my Mom just drop her dishcloth (and whatever she was washing) in the sink, grab him by the hand, and say "THE BEST WAY TO APPROACH HIM???  SURE! IT GOES LIKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS!" As she proceeded to literally DRAG the poor man down the TV room steps until he was standing in front of my Dad (who was watching the news).  She turned OFF the TV, and said "HEY DAD, THIS GUY HAS SOMETHING HE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT!  YOU!  YOU ARE ON!"
Poor hubs!  It's a wonder he was able to sputter out a word, he was so taken aback!  He did, though, and my Dad's response was classic.  "OH, This is where I am supposed to act surprised?  WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?"

My Dad knew a good man when he saw one!

And Hubs is one good man!  There are so many things about him I admire, his gentle nature, his work ethic, his sense of honor.  Then there's that FANTASTIC sense of humor!

(When the chips are down...hubs will ask for salsa!)

When our kids and I talk about what qualities they want to look for in a spouse, and when we pray for them to find the one that God has for them, I frequently say...

"I want you to be as happy with your husband or wife, as your father and I are together!"

It isn't often that people are given their SOULMATE.

I am SO blessed.

Happy Anniversary, Handsome!


I am looking forward to seeing what kind of mischief we can get into on our way to our 50th!


  1. congrats! I loved reading this post. :)

  2. Hiya Toby! Thanks for droppin by!

    Thanks for the well wishes too! I had fun writing this one!

  3. We will be celebrating our 1st year anniversary next month and its so wonderful to read about a happy couple still so in love after so long - congratulations :)

  4. Hello Astra! Thanks for visiting our ZOO!!

    Congratulations to you as well! How exciting to be beginning your lives together as Newlyweds!

    Each stage has such unique blessings!

    Enjoy them all!!

  5. sweet! 25 years of marriage nowadays is no small feat. Congratulations! More years to come!

    Just followed you on GFC! :) Hope to get a follow back. Thank you!

  6. Congratulation! We've been married 20 years, and I can totally vouch for the fact that it gets better and better all the time :)

    Blessings, and many more years of happiness
    A x


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