Friday, June 22, 2012

Whew...long week!

Contrary to popular belief, I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth...

If you follow the blog FB page, you know, this week was PORTFOLIO EVALUATION, and State required STANDARDIZED TESTING!

On top of which...during the dreaded print of SOS (our core curriculum), our main desktop computer got hit with a virus!

Murphy's law for PA homeschoolers: If it can go wrong, it will go wrong JUST before portfolio evaluation!

I literally went 3 nights this week with no sleep, between printing portfolio, collating, making it all neat and nice...and computer de-bugging.

I hope I didn't scare our evaluator too badly.  I looked like an extra from WALKING DEAD when I showed up at her house.  I was going on about an hour of sleep, no coffee, and post computer virus heart attack. 

Thankfully, no computer harm was done...I have multiple layers of  handy, helpful  anti-viral/anti-spyware software, and it was caught IMMEDIATELY.  Spybot S&D, HIJACK THIS, Spywareblaster, and AVG are some of the best freeware programs out there... It was just time rather consuming.

After we finished up at our evaluators  (it was 100 degrees, took 2 hours, and my brittle asthma was VERY unhappy with no A/C...this wasn't pretty), we went to OLD COUNTRY BUFFET to celebrate.  As far as I was concerned...they could have kept the food.  It was REALLY cool, and they have unlimited ICEES...

The kids asked the hostess on the way in if it would be okay if Mom just lay down under the ICEE machine spigot.  She looked amused, and quite sympathetic when she said "Hey, the lunch rush is over, Honey...Go right ahead!"

I was ALMOST sleep deprived and heat exhausted enough to take them up on it.

Instead, I settled for several small glasses, a HUGE cold salad...I don't know how many cold diet sprites...and enjoying my kids again, for the first time in I don't know how long.

(I also can't leave there without a little dish of their bread pudding.  I love bread pudding... )

Heavens, I have been a grouchy Mom lately.


(Mom took a nice lil nappy poo after she got home. I mean...I got up at 7p, checked on the fam, got something for my migraine headache, and then slept another 10 hours...then showered, and slept another 5)

Goodness, I have great kids.  Whilst Mom was in her coma, what had they been doing?

They were busy cleaning up the kitchen and dining room (All of that paper punch confetti was EVERYWHERE) , running a few loads of laundry ... and reading.

What teen rebels...


  1. Glad it's over for you... and LOL, I just posted about surviving our evals today, too. :)

  2. Hearing about PA regulations makes me glad that we live in New York state (where there are still plenty of hoops to jump through). We started out homeschooling in NJ, where there is no reporting or evaluations at all. That was nice! I'm glad you survived your tough week. It sounds like you have some great kids!


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