Friday, July 20, 2012

Hostage situation...

One homeschooling Mom...

Trapped in her van.

Taxi-ing around the countryside.

Drop Hubs at site A.  Son 1 at site B.

Go home with daughter for 10 mins.

Pick up son from site B...drop at site C.

Take second son to scout activity next town over.

Drop daughter at friends house in yet another town.

Picks up second son.

Pick up Hubs.

Here's a banana...and a graham cracker. 

On a good night?  Little Caesars...

Pick up #1 son from site B...drop at Site C.

(Pray son's ride home from work shows up...if not, 3am 20 min ride to get #1 son)

I keep waking up with a start...WHO DIDN'T I PICK UP?!?!?!

Blog?  Uhm... chuckle.

I shall return to the blog when I am no longer held hostage in my car.


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  1. Hold tight, my friend.....I'm sending out the reinforcements!

    LOVE YA!


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