Tuesday, July 10, 2012

There've been incidents and accidents...

Just about the time when you think you are juggling so many balls that if your stress level gets any higher, your head is going to explode...

Silly things like getting the kids to help with chores, projects like painting the bathroom, kids camp fees, and life. 

Then you answer the cell phone, and  hear those dreaded words from your eldest child...that suddenly puts everything back into perspective .

"Mom, There's been an accident."

And your heart promptly leaps into your throat.

Then you proceed to have one of those MOVIE MOMENTS, where everything around you goes into slow motion. You know those special effect moments where the background becomes a blur around the main character?   Oh yeah...that really happens!

To be honest, I don't actually remember much of the conversation that followed.  All I remember is those evil words echoing in my brain.  I HOPE I told him reassuring things before handing the phone to Hubs...

(Thankfully, there were no injuries... the incident was actually relatively minor, although his poor ol duct tape and chewing gum clunker is history)

To quote (or misquote) one of our favorite shows...

"God protects fools, small children, (college kids in snarled traffic) and ships named ENTERPRISE." 

Thank you Lord for your grace in watching over our son!

And may you nice folks NEVER hear those heart stopping words spoken on the other end of your phone...



  1. I'm so glad that your son is OK! That must have been terrifying! I sit down and shake for a few minutes every time I have to patch one of mine up after they trip or fall off their bikes. I can't imagine hearing about an accident over the phone!

    1. Thank you Patricia!

      Yes Ma'am...my blood pressure was pushing crazy over don't ask about then, that's for sure!

      I feel bad for him, though. He is so bummed out to lose his clunker!


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